kmend is filled with new business opportunities

kmend gives your business access to a constantly growing market and uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to continually send your business valuable new opportunities that match your needs.

kmend gives you the power of great recommendations

The best way to get new business and great service is through recommendations from people whose judgement you value.

kmend’s recommendation and introduction technology and tools let your business do more business, faster and with less risk.

kmend expands your network reach to many more networks

kmend allows your business to do more business by accessing the extensive networks of people in your network.

People in your own network can easily introduce and recommend your business to people in their network. And when you want reassurance about a new potential trading partner, you can see who has recommended them and who you both know.

kmend is packed with resources to stay informed

kmend keeps you informed of latest news and events from your community for your business. kmend links you with your community and to the wide networks of other communities.

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