About kmend

What’s the best way to get new business and great service? It’s through Recommendations, of course!

In a busy world, we all prefer to deal with people we can rely on. And, when you don’t know who you’re dealing with, nothing beats a personal Recommendation from someone whose judgement you value – that’s someone in your own trusted network or someone else in the network of someone you respect. Once you’ve got that comfort of a reliable Recommendation, you can start trading together faster and with less risk.

kmend brings together powerful respected communities so they can share the mutual benefit of their collective networks for your benefit, whether your business wants to give a recommendation or to get recommended or you just want peace of mind.

kmend uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to get your network really working for you. Now people in your own network can easily introduce and recommend your business to people in their network. Now you can identify new trading partners and, when you want reassurance, you can see who within your network recommends them. And when you’ve just done a great job, you can get your own business recommended and introduced to others by a satisfied customer.

kmend’s ever-widening community of communities gives you direct access to a constantly growing market, continually sending you valuable new business opportunities that match what you do best. Whether you’re selling or buying, kmend’s powerful platform automatically matches your business opportunities with the most suitable partners, allowing you both to see who you both know and how highly you’re rated by others. Then you can use kmend to message these businesses directly to develop those opportunities.

On top of all that, your own personal kmend Score uses unique dynamic intelligence technology to reward you for engaging your network for mutual good, helping develop trade to the maximum. As your kmend Score grows through the positively recommended service you give to others, your visibility increases to people looking for recommended people like you.

Your network community is important to you and now kmend works hard for your community. That’s because kmend gives your community what you’ve always wanted, the automated ability to reach beyond your own network to lots more people like you. Extending your trade opportunities, bringing you great business ideas, know-how and events. Building trade and the wellbeing that trade delivers to communities that matter to us all.

So now your network’s really working - because kmend recommends people like you.