The size of the prize: process and digitisation

Do you know how process and digitization can improve your business?

Research analysts tell us:

  • Mapping processes can improve productivity by up to 25%
  • Digitization can deliver improvements in a range of 30% improvement (partial digitization) to 100% improvement (full digitization – no human touch required)

Sounds great, but…

How do you assess what this means for your business and do you quantify the real, achievable benefits?    

We help businesses answer these and related questions, starting with a Business Value Assessment.  The initial focus of a Business Value Assessment is on your business objectives, so we gain an understanding of what you want to achieve.  This is followed by a mutual assessment of processes and process maturity, customers, compliance (if applicable), org structure, and systems.  In parallel to the assessment, we gather information and data that guides our thinking and helps to quantify opportunities.  This is followed by a visualization of potential solutions, ending with a clear, actionable blueprint of how you can achieve your business goals.

Here is a short animation of how we quantified and arrived at a recommendation for process improvement in a busy order handling team.

This opportunity was hiding in plain sight – uncovered by a Business Value Assessment and realized through digitization of processes.

If you would like to learn more about how a Business Value Assessment can uncover opportunities for your business, contact



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    1. Thanks David,
      It is a very interesting and fast-moving topic and, for once, large and smaller organisations have the same challenges: everyone is trying to separate the hype from reality. This is mostly due to the fact that we’ve never before had so many technologies available to digitise and automate our activities: (enterprise systems, workflow, case management, low-code/no-code apps, analytics, and robotics), not to forget that GPT & AI are also connected to the rest. It is truly marvelous to have these technologies available, but it can be tough for business owners to understand the technologies and the potential consequences for themselves, their competitors, and their customers.