Would you say that you are worth investing in?

Put it another way, how much have you invested in yourself over the last year?

Poster style image with a man in a shirt and tie carrying a very large silver ball on his shoulders. Text on the image reads: Are you worth investing in? How much is life long knowledge worth to you? Why not find out for FREE Alec Drew, The Business Expert

The day you stop learning about life and business is the day you take your last breath. As someone who has spent more than 40 years across four sectors I am continuously learning and I do not see that changing anytime soon (well hopefully 🙂)

I have set aside a budget of €16k for 2024 to invest in my personal development and my route to market to keep my offering relevant and to make my business more successful. How much have you put in your budget for 2024 to upskill yourself, to get professional help with important decisions which will improve your business and ultimately give you and your family a better way of life?

How will I spend that money I can hear you ask, so here is the breakdown:

  1. Technology including website upgrade €2,000
  2. Mentors to help me be a better business coach €5,500
  3. Showcase talks including travel for my speaking business €3,000
  4. Learn and implement new technology €2,000
  5. To be decided €3,500 ( this maybe conferences abroad, showcases, advertising etc.)

You will note that nearly 50% is being spent on personal development (2 & 4) which is important not just for me but for my present and future clients.

Many business owners see these items as costs rather than investment and this is a mistake as it is a short term strategy that holds you back. How do I know? I was that business person and one day I saw the light, invested in a business mentor and my world changed forever.

How much are you prepared to invest in yourself? Here is an opportunity to sample an entry level programme that I believe could change your business and your life. How much will you spend on presents or on holidays? These are great to have but are short lived. Would you not spend €987.00 on yourself to gain life changing knowledge?

If you would like to know more then let’s have a chat in confidence and without obligation – email alec@alecwdrew.com


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